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Asphalt Patching Versus Resurfacing

Commercial property managers and owners often are faced with a difficult decision regarding their paved surfaces. Damages caused by fluctuating temperatures can be substantial or superficial and while most property managers often have some experience with maintaining paved surfaces, commercial paving contractors are the experts. Most commercial paving contractors offer free evaluations of your paved surfaces, both asphalt and/or concrete, and will give a fair and truthful estimate. Trust that if the experts recommend repairs or resurfacing, the chances are good they are speaking from experience. Read More→

Remove, Recycle, Repeat

We all know those highly recognizable orange cones line the highway. Half of the road has been removed, leaving only a sandy base in the left lane and creating a drop-off of nearly a foot from the edge of the remaining pavement. A commercial paving contractor had excavated the now non-existent lane and hauled the old paving materials away to be sold to an asphalt or concrete plant for recycling. Read More→

Sealcoating: Pros and Cons

As a commercial property owner, it is important the you maintain the property in a fully functional way. Just as the heat and air must perform properly, so must the parking lot. A crumbling and pothole laden parking lot is not going to help you keep long-term tenants. While patching and crack filling might get you through one more season, the eventuality of a resurface is real. When that time comes, the commercial paving contractor you choose should offer the option of sealcoating to protect the asphalt paved surface from the weather and traffic wear. Read More→

Pretty Up The Pool Deck

As the manager of a busy apartment complex, I have had my share of challenges regarding the concrete and asphalt on the property. The commercial paving contractor that I have used for nearly a decade has always been able to help me through and I couldn’t be more grateful for their professionalism and efficiency. Read More→

Paving Season: Safety First

It’s that time of year when we all get annoyed by the orange barrels and cones lining the streets and parking lots as commercial paving contractors perform repairs to paved surfaces. While those barrels and cones can seem to be an inconvenience, know this: They are there for safety reasons!

Many of us have seen commercial paving contractors working diligently to repair a parking lot or roadway while traffic buzzes by dangerously close and those annoying orange barrels or cones are the only thing between the hard working contractors and a steady flow of traffic. One wrong move could prove disastrous. Pay heed to the warnings and take extra care when driving in a construction zone, through roadwork or anytime both barrels and workers are present. Read More→

Summer Road Construction: Beware!

This morning I left my house headed to my favorite department store down the street from my home. As I neared the intersection where I would turn right, I noticed that the county was working on replacing the blacktop on the six lane thoroughfare that I needed to take. As I merged into the only remaining lane headed the direction I needed to go, I could see the frustration on the faces of the drivers around me. Read More→

Asphalt and NASCAR

NASCAR is one of the most popular motor sports in America. Created in 1948 by Bill France, Sr., NASCAR ran it’s first officially sanctioned “Strictly Stock” race in 1949 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, beginning a quick rise for NASCAR to position itself as one of America’s favorite spectator sports and a multi-billion dollar industry, sanctioning over 1,500 races annually. Read More→

Vacation Season: Hitting the Highway

For the first time in years, Americans are headed to the highways instead of the sky ways for family vacations and travel. Because of the lowest fuel prices in two decades, more families are choosing to drive to their destination and enjoy the intimate family time in a car. Those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s recall clearly “Stop touching me!” and “Are we there yet?” and of course, the all-time favorite, “I can turn this car around!” With the technology available today, a road trip with the family can be much more peaceful. Read More→

Seal Coating: Invest in the Long Term

As a commercial property owner or manager, it’s likely that you are doing some repairs and patching, if not resurfacing your parking lots and other paved surfaces right now. As you work with your commercial paving contractor, talk with him or her about protecting your investment and extending the life of your asphalt and concrete paved surfaces. Read More→

Lot Striping: Why It’s Important

Here’s the scenario: You pull into a parking lot and the parking lot has a mess of cars parked here, there and everywhere. The reason? The lot striping is almost non-existent, it’s so weathered and worn. Trying to navigate into a parking spot when the stripes are so faded is a job in and of itself. For as silly as it may sound to worry about the stripes on your concrete or asphalt parking lot, it is crucial that you keep them bright and visible to prevent accidents from happening. Read More→

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